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  • 1.  OSHA Inspections

    Posted 06-03-2014 04:33 PM
    Have any providers had experience with OSHA coming to your programs to do inspections?  What prompted the visit and how did it work out?  What kind of work site did they visit?  Do they have an understanding of the type of work we do?

    Has anyone noticed an increase in their state/area of OSHA visits?  We have noticed an increase of OSHA visits in Massachusetts after an unfortunate event, and now other providers are being visited.  We have also noticed that they do not seem to understand the needs of our individuals and expect restrictions placed on how people live in their homes and what information we can provide regarding our individual's past history.

    Thanks very much!

    Barbara Pilarcik
    Executive Director
    The Association For Community Living
    Springfield MA
    (413)732-0531 (104)