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NH Limits Out of Bed Days to 30

  • 1.  NH Limits Out of Bed Days to 30

    Posted 06-29-2023 10:20 AM

    Recently, NH announced new limits on out of bed days, reducing the allowable number from 52 to 30.  The state is citing a requirement by CMS as per the Olmstead Update #3 for State Medicaid Directors (2000). (State Medicaid Director Letter - Olmstead Update No: 3 (

    Out of bed days are essential to individuals with high complex needs who may need extensive periods of hospitalization. They are also beneficial to individuals who visit their families on a regular basis. Because providers still have the same costs regardless of whether or not the individual is in program, we are concerned that these changes will put an already fragile system at risk for increased closures, exacerbating the existing staffing crisis, and further limit freedom of choice and community access.

    I am wondering if NH is an isolated case or if other states are encountering the same changes…and more importantly what are you doing about it?

    Ann Hsu
    The Moore Center
    Manchester NH