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Self-Direction and Recreation

  • 1.  Self-Direction and Recreation

    Posted 01-09-2024 11:33 AM

    In the light of navigating many policy changes, we were wondering how different states are funding recreational activities under self-direction. Would people happen to know if your state is funding it through state funds or federal funds? If it's a mix, would you happen to know the percentage?


    In terms of self-direction funding, what type of justification is needed for recreational activities? Are there key guidelines or guard rails to make sure dollars are being used responsibly? Do families need to find certified instructors? Do they need to find classes specifically for people with I/DD? What, if any, recreational activities cannot be funded? Any specific examples you can give us of how the funds can be used for recreational activities would be very helpful in our advocacy efforts to help families.

    Ann Hsu
    Moore Center Services, Inc.
    Manchester NH