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Upcoming Webinars & Briefings

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    Posted 04-05-2023 09:09 PM

    Hi Housing Task Force!

    We're looking forward to seeing you next Friday, April 14th for our Housing Task Force session. In the meantime, I wanted to share some upcoming webinars and briefings happening in the coming days:

    HUD: PD&R Quarterly Update on Housing First-April 6th at 2-4pm ET (I apologize for the late notice, I just received this invitation this evening)

    ANCOR: Inclusive and Technology-Forward Affordable Housing Solutions on April 12th 1-2pm ET

    Housing and Services Resource Center: Solving for Homelessness Among Older Adults, People with Disabilities, and Other Populations Through Cross-Sector Partnerships on Apr 18, 2023 03:00 PM ET

    Thanks all!

    Noah Block
    American Network of Community Options and Resources
    Alexandria VA