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Perfecting Your Essay Prewriting Process

The essay process goes through various turns and stops along the way to become a complete essay. There is as much that goes into pre writing as the writing process itself. If you falter in the prewriting process, more often than none, you will take double the time in the writing process to make up for the insufficient prewriting work done by you. 

An expert essay writer uses the prewriting process to make sure that s/he comes up with the best of ideas and comes upon valuable information that will help them have great content in their essays. 

Here is a normal essay prewriting process that many writers follow:

Compare and Contrast Essay

A compare and contrast essay delves into the causes and effects of a subject or an event. It comes in either a single cause-many effects format or the many causes-single effect format.

Structure of a Cause and Effect Essay

Cause and Effect follows are a normal structure of:

Introduction: Which includes, the hook to start the paragraph and the brief background on the topic. Lastly, it includes a thesis statement that tells the reader what the write essay for me is going to be about, and how you will conduct it.

Body Paragraph: There will be three to four body paragraphs and each body paragraph will have a ‘topic sentence’, followed by ‘examples and evidence’.

Essay on Civil War


HOOK: The Civil War that lasted from 1961 to 1965, was fought between the Union and the Confederate States of America, claiming between 600 thousand to one million lives.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION: The Confederates comprised of 11 Southern States that exited from the Union; they wanted to not only uphold the institution of slavery but to expand it further in other states and territories. The Union led by Abraham Lincoln, comprised of the Northern States that wanted to hold on to the Union of free states and opposed the unlawful expansion of slavery to the Northern slave-free states and territories. The war ended with the North’s victory as they held the Union and abolished the institution of slavery altogether.

Structure of the Essay

Like the rest of the academic essays, a classification essay is a combination of introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. 


  • Give a brief background to the subject.
  • Communicate on what basis the subject will be divided, mentioning the categories.

Your introduction should build up to a thesis statement. It should state how you plan to use the categories to assert your idea or argument. 

Body Paragraph

  • Each main category should be introduced, explained, and further classified (if needed) to support your thesis assertion.

A topic sentence should be there to inform the reader about the purpose of the paragraph. Each category should be assisted with related facts and arguments realized through research upon the write my essay topic. 

Keep the body paragraphs to no more than 4 in total. 

Changing the medium

It helps to change the medium of the essay; by doing so the writer gets defamiliarized with the essay just enough to notice the faults in the writing. You can also change the font or the size of the writing or both to help defamiliarize yourself more. Through the method, you will be able to notice mistakes such as in the flow in the essay or in the logical reasoning of the arguments. 

Reading it out loud

Another way to defamiliarize yourself and catch the mistakes that your eyes can’t see is to read the essay out loud. Reading it as such will allow your hearing which is unfamiliar to the essay typer to scrutinize the content and make changes accordingly. 

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