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How To Create An Opening Paragraph For A Persuasive Essay

The aim of persuasive writing to convince the reader about the legitimacy of your idea or point of view. You have to persuade your audience using arguments backed by evidence and examples, while also keeping their interest in the essay. 

Our professional essay writer will help you with the writing as well as the structuring and planning the essay. 

First and foremost in essay planning is how you approach the introduction. Writing down without a structure in mind will lead to a weak opening. The start of the essay should introduce the topic, zone into the context of the topic, and provide the readers with a guide. 

Brainstorming allows the writer to put down each and every thought or idea about the subject at hand. The brainstorming methods also allow for the writer to get an idea about the informational structure and the internal relationships that the components of the main subject make. In research-driven essay writing especially in college writing, it is best to brainstorm ahead of the research, as it allows you to capture original ideas, points, and arguments that you have about the topic at hand.

The brainstorming techniques used to brainstorm are many. Many writers like to stick to just one type of brainstorming while others tend to go for a mix of many techniques. Here are one of the common brainstorming techniques that are used:

Researching the topic 

When you are to write my essay on a topic of your own choosing, you should research surrounding the domain of the potential topic. Here you should go through articles ranging from both popular sources such as news articles and blog posts to scholarly sources that include academic papers and articles.

Choose the topics that you feel that you have interesting things to say about. The topic should be something that you are passionate about or something that you want to know more about. 

Little Knowledge About Thesis Statement and Topic Sentences

The most important parts of an essay are:

  • The thesis statement in the introductory paragraph 
  • The topic sentences for each of the body paragraphs

Thesis Statement is the announcement of what you are proposing about the subject and what your central argument is about. It is the theme that carries the entire essay, to which every part of an essay is connected. 

The topic sentence comes at the beginning of each body paragraph. It is to that paragraph what the thesis statement is to the entire essay. It also states what the paragraph is going to be about, in light of the central thesis. 

Make these two parts clear, precise, and to the point, as they help to grab the reader’s attention.Having an exceptional point of view permits the essay writing service to stick out. 

Add Ethos, Pathos, and Logos

A complete essay has all of the three parts:

Ethos: An essay gains ethos through credible authority. This can be through the writer’s background and education. If the writer lacks the authority on the subject, he or she can bring that through using works or referencing to the works of those with authority. 

Pathos: The emotions of the reader are evoked to convince them of the argument. A good writer evokes the appropriate emotions from the reader when talking about a subject. 

Logos: The logos is how you use the logic to present the arguments and example. Through the use of good logic, the readers can be shepherded to a concluding point.

Conclude Well

All in all, you shouldn't add a lot other than emphasizing the central matters of the free essays. The conclusion gives a summary of the whole essay in light of the thesis statement. In the end, you can leave the reader with a final word or a call for action. 

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