Privacy Policy

ANCOR Editorial Policy
ANCOR, ANCOR Foundation, ANCOR Services Corporation
Adopted August 2, 2018

The following editorial policy is deemed to apply to all contributions to communications channels owned by ANCOR, the ANCOR Foundation and the ANCOR Services Corporation (heretofore referred to as “ANCOR” or “the association”) by parties (heretofore referred to as “users” and/or “contributors”) other than those employed directly by or under contract to ANCOR. For the purposes of this Editorial Policy, “ANCOR-owned communications platforms” include, but are not limited to, ANCOR-owned websites, the ANCOR Connected Community, ANCOR-owned social media properties (including pages/accounts on Facebook and Twitter) and ANCOR-owned email platforms.


Decisions to extend permissions to users to publish content on any ANCOR-owned communications platforms are made at the discretion of ANCOR and are based on factors including, but not limited to, relevance to ANCOR members and partners, veracity of information presented, timeliness and caliber of contributions, superseding space limitations, the extent to which a respectful tone is communicated through contributions, and other considerations.

ANCOR reserves the right to delete and modify user-contributed content, and/or to restrict users’ access to publish on any and/or all ANCOR-owned communications platforms.

Promotional Content

Submitted content should not promote the products, services or other offerings for which consumers or organizations must pay, except in circumstances in which express written consent has been granted by ANCOR to the interested party in advance of publication. These restrictions apply to both solicited and unsolicited promotional content.

In instances in which express written consent is granted to an individual or organization to publish promotional content, the following conditions must be met:

  • • Consent is secured from ANCOR prior to the publication of the promotional content.
  • • The promotional content must be relevant to ANCOR’s members, partners and/or other consumers of content published on ANCOR-owned communications platforms.
  • • Promotional content may not disclaim, discredit or otherwise diminish the perception of competitors’ products, services or other offerings. Promotional content may assert the positive aspects of the products or services being promoted, but mentions or comparisons to other products or services, either implicit or explicit, will not be permitted.
  • • All posts containing promotional content must explicitly disclose in layperson’s terms the relationship between the product, service or other offering being promoted and the authoring individual or organization. Such disclosures should include, but are not limited to, relationships between companies and their parent organizations, relationships between current or former employees, consulting relationships, and appointments to the authoring organization’s Board of Directors.
  • • Promotional content must be published under the conditions articulated by ANCOR at the time express written consent is granted. Such conditions may relate, among others, to the forum or venue in which content is published, the format of the content, and the timing of the publication of the content
Intellectual Property

All user-contributed content published on ANCOR-owned communications platforms shall be considered the intellectual property of the contributor.


ANCOR is committed to creating communications platforms that invite users to contribute questions, ideas and best practices, and to engage in dialogue about issues of importance to the association’s members, in a forum in which users feel safe. Therefore, ANCOR strictly prohibits any contributions that would be legally defined as or could reasonably be construed as harassment, bullying, violence or hate speech, or could reasonably be construed as encouraging harassment, bullying, violence or hate speech. Any contributions to ANCOR-owned communications platforms that violate this policy will be removed immediately and, if deemed appropriate by ANCOR, the contributing user will be indefinitely barred from contributing content to ANCOR-owned communications platforms in the future.


Questions about ANCOR’s Editorial Policy as outlined here or elsewhere should be directed to ANCOR’s Communications Director, contact information for whom can be found on ANCOR’s website.